It is not new that the Spring Boot ecosystem provides us with numerous facilities in the daily routines of developing software, part of Spring’s success has always been to abstract the complexity of very specific functions so that developers can better think about the complexities that surround the business rules…

The Java ecosystem is a good example of how a technology can reinvent itself.
For example, it is interesting to reflect on how Spring Boot brought the Java community features that made the language use among the most widely used in the world for new projects.

But now, there are…

What is the relationship between the Black Swan logic proposed by Nassim Taleb and Software Engineering ?

Books and technical content are good, they help us keep our knowledge up to date, but also I like to reflect on standards and concepts proposed by authors who do not are directly…

Vinícius Pereira de Oliveira

Software Developer || Technology Researcher || Very interested in economics and general aspects of society

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