I don’t consider myself a Bitcoin maximalist, I like to analyze other cryptocurrency or Blockchain projects that are not part of the Bitcoin network. However, I understand many of the maximalists’ arguments in Bitcoin, as in fact there are a lot of “blockchain projects” that make people waste their precious time and sometimes money. They are useless. …

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This has been another important year for the evolution of Bitcoin.
Yes, it is true that it was in the year 2021 that new price records were reached, but this brief article seeks to talk about the technological evolution related to the Bitcoin blockchain network.

In Bitcoin the price-related factor goes hand-in-hand with the technology-related factor. Yes, Bitcoin only gained notoriety and utility as a valid and serious asset because there was and still is a lot of demand for it, this reflects the price. …


It is not new that the Spring Boot ecosystem provides us with numerous facilities in the daily routines of developing software, part of Spring’s success has always been to abstract the complexity of very specific functions so that developers can better think about the complexities that surround the business rules of applications .
Among these practicalities, we can mention the possibility of making your code execute a certain routine in a predetermined period of time.
I am referring to Quartz Scheduler and the @Scheduled annotation that we will cover in this post.

This text can be more useful if you…


The Java ecosystem remains a frequent corporate choice for new projects where technological maturity is important. Perhaps the number of companies known as startups that start projects with Java is not so high, but certainly the platform remains a frequent choice in new projects of large corporations that seek innovation and that seek to do what is considered “digital transformation”.

But let’s be honest, some frameworks that have evolved into complete ecosystems have helped the Java language to stay on top of the most used technologies in the world.

In the new world of microservices, Spring Boot managed to keep…

The world is crazy my friend. Everything changes so fast!
Ok, our parents and our grandparents also thought so with great innovations of their time.

But, they were not in a globally linked society as we are.
We live with the many advantages and benefits of the internet when it is free, but the global connection goes far beyond the ability to socially interact globally.

Have you ever wondered what the complete context of the software you are developing at this time? The context of this exactly moment ?

Do you develop logistics software? A disruptive product for a startup…

The Java ecosystem is a good example of how a technology can reinvent itself.
For example, it is interesting to reflect on how Spring Boot brought the Java community features that made the language use among the most widely used in the world for new projects.

But now, there are so many innovative and important projects that are designed from the ground up to run on cloud and with microservice architectures.

In this case, many new projects are programming language agnostic and an important factor is taken into consideration when choosing technologies in new projects. The cost.

Java is proven…

I plan to write a few articles on this platform about the concepts of the Black Swan, Antifragility, and putting its own Skin in the Game from a software engineering standpoint. All of these concepts originated in the work of Nassim Taleb (a non-specialist and a non-intellectual), after all, over the last decades we have seen a number of highly educated media experts or intellectuals making decisions or even influencing people without take the risk for decisions or even worry about the consequences of their statements.

Perhaps that is why Nassim Taleb (the author of Skin in the Game) is…

What is the relationship between the Black Swan logic proposed by Nassim Taleb and Software Engineering ?

Books and technical content are good, they help us keep our knowledge up to date, but also I like to reflect on standards and concepts proposed by authors who do not are directly linked to the technology and study whether these concepts can be applied to specific areas of knowledge.

The Logic of the Black Swan, whose author is Nassim Taleb, seems to be in harmony with many events that we can observe in our reality, in the economy, in politics or even…

This is just a simple application developed with the simple, yet useful purpose of monitoring the prices of your favorite crypto-coins, if they are
listed on https://coinmarketcap.com.

There is not much complexity here, if you already know a little about Java and the fantastic Spring Boot framework, it will be quite simple, if you still need to know more about Spring Boot, I leave below a suggestion to start your learning.

Starting with Spring Boot:

Packages that separate application functions:
- rescontroller — where is the class that provides our endpoint;
- entity — where we create our object of price…

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