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  • Bernardo Tavares

    Bernardo Tavares

    Developer 👨‍💻 CTO 💻 Startups Incubation 🚀 Helping entrepreneurs, tech and curious people to lean, grow and succeed

  • Amanda Kothalawala

    Amanda Kothalawala

    Senior Business Analyst at WSO2. Healthcare Business enthusiast, researcher

  • Arc Sosangyo

    Arc Sosangyo

    Adfectus and ML Lingo on the App Store | Trying to use AI to solve problems | Self-help Author | Coder | Traveler

  • Ryan Kruse

    Ryan Kruse

    Community Data Scientist @ SafeGraph

  • Lucky Brain

    Lucky Brain

    I cover mobile, Internet Services, and the good and bad of tech.

  • Angela Wilkins

    Angela Wilkins

    I like science, machine learning, technology, and start-ups.

  • Vinicius Monteiro

    Vinicius Monteiro

    Software Engineer. Twitter: @vinidsmonteiro | Email: vinidsmonteiro@gmail.com | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinimo

  • casimirrex antony

    casimirrex antony

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